Honda has become the market leader in small machinery for agriculture, gardening and leisure, being in all respects the reference to follow, scrupulously respecting all product safety regulations and environmental regulations. Today we have an accumulated park of more than one million machines sold.

With all this range of products and an excellent network of Official Honda Dealers, with distribution and service points distributed throughout the territory, we have achieved an important presence in the national market that will be reinforced by our firm purpose of improving the quality of life of people.

Honda 4 Stroke Mower

The care of the lawn includes at the tool level the use of a scarified, a trimmer and to maintain a same height of the cut and a colorful garden, a lawn mower.

When choosing a Honda 4 Stroke mower you have to keep in mind 3 fundamental aspects: the area to be cut, the type and density of the lawn and the height of the lawn.

We have a complete range of Honda 4 Stroke mower, with a wide range of motorization: From 118 cc. to 190 cc. with 4-stroke engines Garland, Briggs & Stratton and Honda.

Both Self-Propelled And Manual

Depending on the size of your garden you can choose the most suitable machine with widths from 40 cm to 56 cm.

Lawn mower Honda very easy to use, self-propelled, mulching optional, automatic starter, steel chassis, the best quality of cut and collection


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